Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Punk complained. He thought I didn't draw the circles right, that I went too high on Ruby, which was slightly above the hairline. 

But, there was a reason for that. In this picture, Ruby is standing with his head cocked. He's got it tilted.

It was a very deepseated, postural habit of his which he did subconsciously. He didn't know that he was doing it. If you asked him, he would have said that he was holding his head straight. That felt straight to him. It felt right. He did it the next day too at the County Jail.

 The top of his head, and the top of his face, was not at 12:00. It was more like 11:55. And 12:00 is the highest point on the clock. So, I did a little compensating for that, and it was justified. 

However, ultimately, it doesn't come down to anything that's drawn. You can see it au natural that Bookhout had a rounder, more compact face, and Ruby had a longer forehead and a longer face.

Ruby had a wider, more pyramidal nose because it fanned out into wide nostrils, rather than the pinched nostrils on the left. Ruby had a longer neck, as opposed to the very short neck on Bookhout. Those are obviously different men.

And, it's already in the hopper, Punk, that I will be back on InfoWars in November because it's JFK month. In fact, I'll try to get it posted on November 22.  I am already working on my materials, and it is going to be dynamite.  

This is war, mudderplucker, and I am raring for battle. We'll see, Punk. We'll see what you can do, and we'll see what I can do.  

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