Monday, July 24, 2017

Another thing about these two images that is very striking is the identicalness of the postural configuration, the way he is holding himself, the head-neck relationship, and the overall neuromuscular response to gravity. It is exactly the same on both. Not everyone holds himself that way. And actually, it is a rather relaxed posture- more relaxed than most.

Ruby, in contrast, held his chin higher. He also tended to be more tense, less relaxed. What he did with his head was slight lateral bending to his right, while at the same time rotating slightly to his left.

He did the same thing in his other mug shot.

So, his chin was higher, and his head was bent slightly right and turned slightly left. It is a very different posture than we see on Bookhout.

Here they are together.. Young Bookhout and the Garage Shooter look exactly the same in their postural arrangement. On Ruby, we are seeing the elevated chin, and the right lateral bending combined with slight left rotation. It is a very different postural hold.

So, on Ruby, we see the raised higher chin, which means he was cocking his head back some, which Bookhout didn't do. He also has a little bit of right lateral bending and left rotation going on. It is a very different postural hold. 

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