Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I just can't exaggerate how important this image is. It's a smoking gun. It's supposed to be Ruby right after he was dragged into the jail office and hand-cuffed. And now, they're leading him to the elevator to take him to jail on the 5th floor, supposedly for the first time. But, what about his jacket? If he was just brought in from the garage, then he was wearing a jacket. And they did NOT remove his jacket in the jail office.

Just today, I read the testimony of another detective who said he was involved in handling Ruby inside the jail office. His name was Detective Louis Miller. The story goes that Ruby was cuffed inside the jail office, and Miller said that he put up no resistance whatsoever inside the jail office. Well, for that matter, "Ruby" didn't put up any resistance in the garage either. But, he didn't make that point. He said they handcuffed him, then they patted Ruby down, to check him for other weapons. And then, he was led to the elevator to be taken up to the 5th floor. But, what happened to his jacket? He was wearing one in the garage. Not Miller, not McMillon, not Archer, not Crady, and no other detective claimed that Ruby's jacket was removed in the jail office. So, it should have been on him in this picture. But, as you can see, it's not. So, what is the explanation?

The explanation is that Ruby had already spent time on the 5th floor. That's where he was during the garage spectacle. They brought him down afterwards just so that they could mingle him into the post-shooting footage. This was the "switch" in the "bait and switch." His jacket was up on the 5th floor. They left it there. They just didn't think about the need to put it back on him before parading him around downstairs. It was a very boneheaded mistake. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. But, this is the proof that the whole thing was a ruse, a farce. Jack Ruby was not even in the garage during the televised spectacle. This is image was his first appearance in front of the camera that day. And they forgot to put his jacket on him. It absolutely should have been on him if he was just brought in. This images screams out loud that: Jack Ruby was innocent! Jack Ruby was innocent! Jack Ruby was innocent!

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