Thursday, July 27, 2017

I have the link now to my InfoWars presentation on the innocence of Jack Ruby, which I think came out very well. I have no doubt that honest, objective people who look at this analysis will realize, and perhaps for the first time, that there NEVER was a visual basis to claim that the Garage Shooter was Ruby, that we NEVER saw Ruby there. We saw a short pudgy guy there, yes, with his back to us, but he wasn't Jack Ruby.

However, I made the mistake of not including these collages. So, I am going to post them here with my comments as an addendum to the program. 

On the right is an image of James Bookhout as he was filing into Fritz' office for the Saturday 6:30 PM interrogation of Oswald. They probably enhanced his hat on the right because it looks more like a top hat than a fedora. They were trying to hide his diminutive height. But look at the excellent parallel with the Garage shooter; both with the short, flabby neck, the high horizontal hairline, and the clean razored neck. Here's another example: 

Again, they bolstered his hat on the right and probably darkened it to black too- anything to distinguish him from the Garage Shooter. And it doesn't matter because it was Saturday night on the right, and the hats don't have to match. But, notice how flabby his neck was on the right with the skin bunching up. Bookhout was a short, pudgy guy- just like the Garage Shooter. 

And, the IDing of that unusually short man in the hallway on Saturday evening as James Bookhout was independently confirmed. And by that I mean that a top JFK poster on the Education Forum identified him as Bookhout. Bookhout was like a runt among giants because most of the FBI agents and Dallas detectives were quite tall. And Bookhout told us, himself, that he was unusually short. He told the Warren Commission that he watched the JFK motorcade from Main Street, but he never laid eyes on JFK- because there were people in front of him. His words. Then, FBI Agent James Hosty told us that when James Bookhout was looking for him in the crowded hallway of the DPD, that he had to get a pedestal to stand on. And keep in mind that the many reporters tended to be of average height. But, Bookhout needed a pedestal to see over them to spot Hosty. What does that tell you? It should tell you that he was short. Hey! I'm short myself, but I've never sought a pedestal to stand on to spot anyone. 

So, James Bookhout was short; he was pudgy, he had high horizontal hair in back; he had a very cleanly razored neck, and he was a spot-on match for the Garage Shooter, unlike Jack Ruby.

So mentally, please add these images to the video as you watch it. Now, here's the link:

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