Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Here's an interesting image that surfaced. It appears to be a Jack Ruby lookalike at the DPD.

It isn't Ruby, but he does look like him.

It's not Ruby, but is it the guy from the hallway?

Hmmm. Maybe. And I'll tell you this: if they're not the same guy, then imagine if they ran into each other. It would have been like that Dan Rather lookalike from the Garage running into him.

Regardless, Jack Ruby was DEFINITELY not at the DPD on Friday afternoon. Friday evening yes, but not Friday afternoon. He was at the Carousel Club talking to his sister Eileen from Chicago, and phone records prove it. Plus, Jack Ruby denied being there then. He was specifically asked during his polygraph interrogation, and he gave a firm "No." Now, why would he lie? He was accepting the charge that he shot Oswald. He didn't shoot Oswald, but he let the Police convince him that he did. He just couldn't fathom that they could lie to him.  And you should understand that Jack Ruby was yearning and pleading for recognition of his honesty, imploring the Chief Justice to arrange a polygraph test for him, so that he could prove his honesty. And this was done. I think it was done just to humor him. It was decided that because of his mental impairment/drug use, etc. that the results were unreliable. So yes, they were just coddling him with it. 

That guy in the hallway was definitely a Ruby impostor. But, I wonder when it was first seen and recognized. Was it right away or years later? 

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