Friday, July 14, 2017

Backes' stupidity knows no end. He's just a fountain of asininity. 

Now, he's found an image that is obviously taken from a very different perspective than the Moorman photo. But, he ignores that, and just goes for the giddy:

What does this image have to do with the Moorman photo? Nothing. They are totally dissimilar. Yes, the windshield looks narrower but that's because it was shot practically from the side. We can go narrower than that if we want to.

 We're talking about a particular photo, the Moorman photo. 

If we give our attention to the one clear explicit windshield, we can see that we are NOT seeing it from the side. The photographer was behind the windshield. Not directly behind it. But definitely to our right and behind the riders. That's why we see it the way we do. If the photographer was directly across from it, it would look like this:

And if the photographer was left of the windshield, the image showing would be the outer side of the windshield. 

Here's how it looks if the photographer is placed even more behind, meaning farther right.

But, the angle of the Moorman photo is only slightly less than the above angle. Yet, look what we have:

If the Moorman photo was taken the way this picture was, JFK would have been centered in the picture, just as he is centered here. 

But, in the Moorman photo, he is way off-center. 

And, the Idiot wants to talk about the right hand in the other image? Fine by me; let's talk about it.

So, it's the new image above, and the Moorman photo below. Notice that the new image is more of an "edge" view of the windshield, whereas the Moorman photo provides more of a "face" view. Look how much of the outside of the windshield we can see, where the bugs would hit. You can't see any of the outside of the windshield in the Moorman. You only see the inside face. Big difference. We are seeing the inside face exclusively in the Moorman photo while we are seeing the outside face partially in the other, and that's because of the vast difference in perspective. 

Now, Backes is getting giddy about the right hand being captured in this photo, but the truth, we don't know if this photo has been cropped.

The bottom of the photo only goes half-way down the wheel. But, in the Moorman, we are not only seeing the whole wheel, we're seeing the whole wheel and then some. 

Here's a photo I took:

And here it is cropped:
So, let's look at the other again:

You know that the photographer could not have been too close to the limo because there's the motorcycle that we see, and there is also the motorcycle that we don't see. Remember there was two on each side. There was never a time that there was just one. So, you have to allow for that distance as well. So, don't you think that's a cropped photo? Compare the field to the Moorman photo.

Points scored by Joseph Backes: 0. 

Point made that he is a blithering idiot with shit for brains: absolutely. 

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