Sunday, July 16, 2017

Billy Lovelady had protruding ears, and it was clinical.

Do you realize that this image captured by Mark Lane is the ONLY image of him that we can have complete confidence in? His photo album is a sea of lies, consisting mostly of fraudulent images.

And when we compare that image to Doorman, forget about it.

Right off the bat, Lovelady was balder, and he had protruding ears. which Doorway Man did NOT have.

But, I want to look at the other images of him to figure out why we don't see protruding ears in those pictures.

In this image, Robert Groden very cleverly took it from this angle to hide the protruding ear. Because of the two-dimensionality of the photograph, we don't see the protruding very much.  

But, if you look at someone with flush ears, you can tell that Lovelady's ear is jutting out.

Do you see what I mean? But, one thing it does show very well is the large lobules Lovelady had, which refers to the fleshy tissue at the bottom of the ear where the earring goes. His lobules were huge. Doorman's were small, like Oswald's. 

There is not the slightest doubt that the Altgens Doorman was Lee Harvey Oswald. And it renders null and void all the investigations, all the inquiries, and all the official pronouncements. He was standing in the doorway during the shooting. The photographic proof of that is way beyond the threshold of certainty.  

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