Tuesday, July 18, 2017

This was provided by another researcher, and it's very compelling.

"Officer Watson, seen in the Beers photo, didn't see the Shooter's face and said in his report "that the officers covered the suspect and took him to the jail office".  

RC: They covered him alright. It says in plain English that they covered him, and we can see that they did. Here is Bagman covering him. 

But, to just glibly say that they "took him into the jail office" without offering explanation as to why they didn't cuff this violent offender in the garage is an outrage. It is also an outrage that no one from the Warren Commission asked any Dallas cop why "Ruby" wasn't cuffed in the garage. 

"He basically confirms that someone put a bag over his head.  I think it was Louis Miller that covered the shooter's head but all he had to say about it was that he saw movement from the east of him and he heard a shot before the shooter was “propelled” in his direction. Then, “I grabbed him around the neck and helped to take him into jail office”.  But we see that the shooter's head gets covered and Watson confirms that it was!"

RC: The Wizard also confirmed that the Bagman was Detective Louis Miller. Miller was one of those who showed up to his WC hearing with a lawyer, and he was very concerned about whether he was liable and culpable. His testimony is full of disclaimers, such as "the best I remember." 

Mr. GRIFFIN. I want to know what you did after Ruby was shot.
Mr. MILLER. After Ruby was shot?
Mr. GRIFFIN. Yes; or Oswald was shot.
Mr. MILLER The best I remember, someone, seemed like, hit Ruby from behind and pushed him forward,
NO, "Ruby" went forward on his own. He dove into the swarm of cops.  Like I said, I was trying to move that way when this happened, so I grabbed a hold of Ruby and helped take him into the jail office. Notice no mention of why "Ruby" wasn't cuffed in the garage, and Mr. Griffin didn't ask. He didn't want to know. 
Mr. GRIFFIN. Now, did you--were you with Ruby in the jail office when there were a lot of officers around him?
Mr. MILLER. Yes.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Did Ruby put up any sort of a struggle there in the jail office?
Mr. MILLER. No; none that I remember.
So, after that Herculean struggle in the garage which required 12 officers to subdue "Ruby" he had no fight left in him once they got into the jail office.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Were you--did you have physical hold of Ruby in the jail office?
Mr. MILLER. When we got into the jail office; yes.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Did you hear Ruby say anything?
Mr. MILLER. Yes.
Mr. GRIFFIN. What did you hear him say?
Mr. MILLER. As to definite words, I could give you what he said as best I remember it, but it may not be his exact words. It could be that he put some more words in.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Okay.
Mr. MILLER The best I remember, he said something about--well, first off, somebody asked, "Who is he?, And he said, "Oh, hell! You guys know me. I am Jack Ruby." And the best I remember, he said something about, "I hope the son of a bitch dies," and something about, "It will save you guys a lot of trouble," or, "It will save everybody a lot of trouble," something like that.
Others reported that Ruby said that in the garage when they first pounced upon him. And that includes Ruby. 
Mr. GRIFFIN. Do you remember who it was that said, "Who is it?"
Mr. MILLER. No; I sure don't.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Do you remember anything else that was said while Ruby was there in the jail office?


Mr. MILLER. No; because right after that he was moved over to the jail elevator and was being taken upstairs, and I went out in the basement, the garage part of the basement, again.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Now, was Ruby searched in the jail office while you were there?
Mr. MILLER. A quick search, yes.
Mr. GRIFFIN. A pat-down?
Mr. MILLER. Yes.

Aha! A pat-down. They searched him for weapons by patting him down. So, they did not remove his jacket to search for weapons; they patted him down. 
Mr. GRIFFIN. Were his pockets emptied?
Mr. MILLER. Not that I remember; no.
Mr. GRIFFIN. All right. Now, were you in the jail office when Ruby was taken upstairs?
Mr. MILLER. I couldn't be definite on that, because the best I remember it, about the time he was being taken over to the elevator or shortly after, the ambulance came in and picked Oswald up,

Here Ruby is in just a shirt and no jacket. How is that possible when he was wearing a jacket when he was brought in and it was not removed in the garage? It isn't! The truth is that Ruby was up on the 5th floor the whole time, and they brought him down for this.  The 5th floor is where his jacket was. 

This was where they made the switch to the real Jack Ruby, but they goofed by leaving his jacket off. His jacket remained on the 5th floor. 

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