Saturday, July 15, 2017

Joseph Backes is a VERY stupid man. He draws right over the supposed windshields, such that all we can see is what HE drew, which is not part of the evidence. He completely obliterated the evidence, and yet, he keeps showing it, again and again, as if it's evidence, as if it proves something. It only proves that he's an idiot.

Why didn't he just draw an arrow to it rather than obliterate it?

Now, what's the excuse for why Cheyney's windshield didn't show up? I am going to hone-in on him, but first notice that he is smaller than Hargis. Of course, that is because he is farther from the camera. His head is about the same size as Kennedy's. But, that doesn't make sense for Mary Moorman. Wasn't she a lot closer to Kennedy than to Cheyney? Shouldn't Kennedy appear larger than Cheyney? Look at this photo:

Even though this photo does not correspond to the Moorman photo, it does correspond to what Mary Moorman should have gotten. Because it looks to me like this photographer did what Mary Moorman said she did: waited until the Kennedys got to her and then shot them directly, facing the street squarely. You can see how much larger Kennedy is than the figures across the street. Let's look at another photo:

This, of course, is the Altgens photo showing Hargis and Martin. This was about 3 seconds before the Moorman photo was taken. From watching the Muchmore film, we know what happens after this. What happens is that Martin gains on Hargis and actually gets even with him. So, that's what's coming, and therefore, we have to assume that 3 seconds later, Hargis' lead over Martin is reduced. It becomes less than what we see there. But, let's compare what we see here to Moorman.

  It's obvious that the forward-to-back distance between them is greater in Moorman than in Altgens, when it should not be; it should be less. That gap closed in the ensuing seconds, and again, we know that from watching Muchmore, in which Martin gets even with Hargis.

You only have to look at the backs of the motorcycles to see that they are about even. Obviously, we are not looking at a staggered situation. And how distant is that from the Moorman photo. Not that distant. If the Moorman photo was taken at Z315, how long before Clint Hill was on the ground? 2 seconds at the most.

The Nix film shows Martin getting ahead of Hargis.

 So, that's what was coming, and there is absolutely no doubt that between Altgens and Moorman that Martin did some catching up with Hargis. Yet, in the Moorman photo, we see this ridiculous spread between them. 

That is not the reality of the situation, nor is it the reality of the Moorman photo. The Moorman photo looked like this:

So, that is Martin's wheel that we see, and he was cinched up with Hargis, just as we see in the Muchmore frame that corresponds to the Moorman photo.

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