Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Let's return to the issue of Billy Lovelady's protruding ears. He had 'em. 

And I showed you this image in which Robert Groden shot him from the side, which made the protruding ear less conspicuous.

As another example, here is a celebrity with protruding ears, the swimmer Michael Phelps. 

But notice that from the side you don't notice it as much. It doesn't jump out at you. 

In fact, I don't think it's noticeable at all from the side. I don't think anyone would look at that and think it was at all unusual. 

So, way to go, Robert Groden, you fooled us.

But, what about the other images of Lovelady? First, this one:

What I think they did here to hide the protruding ear is darken the background so that the margin between his head and the background is obscured. Where does his head end and the background begin? You can't tell. And this was reportedly a wedding. It definitely wasn't his wedding. It is admitted that the picture is from the 1950s, and he didn't getting married until 1961. But, weddings are happy times with bright lighting, and that dark background has got to be artificial. It was black? What was Elvira getting married?  And, his left ear on our right may have been altered, as in narrowed. Moving on:
This is a freaky image the way his right ear is hanging so low, and his cheek is bulging on that side. I dare say they messed with his ears. How could that be real, if we know that this is real?

Who are you going to believe, Mark Lane or the FBI?  Either Mark Lane engaged in photographic fraud to give Lovelady that protruding ear, which is ridiculous, or the FBI engaged in photographic fraud to hide it. One or the other. 

That is the 1971 Bob Jackson photo of Billy Lovelady, but I don't know if it's even him. It's a freaky photo, where he looks like he's got a mannikin arm that's sewn on. And look at the difference in the size of his hands and the length of his fingers! On the right, that is not even the normal position of a hanging hand. Why would he internally rotate it like that, so that the dorsal side of the hand is facing forward? He wouldn't.  It is just freaky. I tell you, I don't know if Robert Jackson is just an incredibly stupid man who had his images manipulated without him realizing it OR if he was involved in the plot from the beginning. But, obviously, the one ear we can see looks nothing like the real one. Now on to the 1967 CBS photo. 

This is the CBS photo taken in 1967 for the 4-hour JFK Special, and I think what they did here to hide the protruding ear is expand his head on his left side, our right. It's sticking out way too much on that side. Here it is corrected.

And why his ear lobule is bulging like that I do not know. In fact, his ear seems to be attached to his cheek!

This is probably the point where someone higher-up at CBS said, 

"Alright, that's it. We're pulling this. You guys are going way out on a limb here. Why should we risk doing this? Nobody is making us. You can stop your fun and games at the photo lab. We are dropping this." 

Smart guy.

Finally, here is another Robert Groden photo:

Hmm. That ear seems to be jutting out to me, but it also looks a little whittled. And of course, it's also very blurry, as most JFK-related images are. They never want you to get a good look. Notice that in the image in which he relied on the angle to hide the protruding ear, Robert Groden let us see it sharp.

But, in the one that was altered, Groden had to blur it up a bit to blend it in.

And, the truth is, I was just messin' with you because I doctored that blurred image myself. Here is the original:  

You see how the hair juts out above the ear. Let's look at it larger.

Yes, that looks like some enhancement to me, although I should say corruption. And it goes to show that the one and only solamente image of Billy Lovelady that we can rely on as accurate is the one taken by Mark Lane.

If we didn't have this image, thanks to Mark Lane, we would be screwed. Mark Lane risked life and limb to get it, but in doing so, he thwarted Officialdom's attempt to hide forever the true appearance of Billy Lovelady. And, it explains a lot. It explains why Brooten and Groden, upon seeing Lovelady in 1976, were perfectly willing to heed his plea not to be forced to appear in Washington. With those ears jutting out, who would believe he was the Doorway Man?

And does it even explain his death, supposedly of a first heart attack at the age of 41? Did they off him because they were afraid a reporter or researcher would get a look at his ears? 

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