Monday, July 17, 2017

One of the biggest fallacies that still plagues us today is citing the Warren Commission as if it was an honest investigation. For instance, "How could Oswald be in the doorway when surely one or more of the Warren Commission witnesses would have said he was there?" And then what? They would have just put in the Warren Report? There was NO CHANCE they would have put that in the Warren Report- no matter how many witnesses said it. 

Of course, I expect supporters of the official story to go that route. But, what really bothers me is when those who claim to be Oswald defenders do it. For instance, Dr. James Norwood is supposed to be an Oswald defender, yet he has cited the Warren Commission witnesses as evidence that Oswald wasn't in the doorway. And this calls for a review of the pertinent facts.

The Warren Commission was ordered into existence by President Lyndon Johnson, who was one of the chief and cardinal killers of John Kennedy. More books have been written to indict Lyndon Johnson by name as the culprit than any other person. The first book by Fred Newcomb was published in 1974, the year of Johnson's death. The most recent is by Roger Stone, The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case against LBJ  which came out in 2013. And there have been many similar books in-between. I am especially fond of LBJ: Mastermind of the JFK Assassination by Phillip Nelson of the Oswald Innocence Campaign. 

So, LBJ killed JFK, and then ordered an investigation, and he was explicit about it. He explicitly stated that the objective was to find for Oswald's guilt as the lone assassin. And the Commissioners, and their staff lawyers, who really did the lion's share of the work, for instance, Joseph Ball and David Belin, specifically sought to prosecute Oswald. And look at the power they had. In a real trial, if you are a prosecutor, there are other lawyers on the other side opposing you, fighting you tooth and nail. But, they had no opponents. For show, someone was named as Oswald's lawyer, to represent him during the proceedings, but that was a joke. They appointed someone who was as resigned to his guilt as the ones prosecuting him. He never once protested anything. Oswald didn't really have a lawyer. 

I said Johnson was "explicit" and he was. There are even tape recordings. The Warren Commission never once, not even at the very beginning, considered the possibility that Oswald was innocent. And that is really an understatement. It's not just that they never considered it. It's that they were out to drown the idea from the very start. That was their purpose. Do you get it? 

Now, keep in mind that there were a few things that they let in that suggested doubt. An example would be the witnesses who said that the sound of the gunfire seemed to be coming from the grassy knoll. That was allowed. But, they had plenty of witnesses who said that the shots came from the Depository, so the amount of damage that did was minimal. It was no death blow. 

But, if a witness were allowed to say that he saw Oswald standing in the doorway during the shooting, that would have been devastating. They were never, ever, in a million years going to allow that. 

And actually, despite their best effort, the witness who really was devastating was Billy Lovelady. Billy Lovelady, never, during his long testimony, claimed to be the Altgens Doorman. Think about how easy it was for him to say. "The guy in the long-sleeved shirt and t-shirt next to the white column is ME."  He never said that or anything like it. And Joseph Ball never asked him, "Who is this guy in the long-sleeved shirt and t-shirt next to the white column?"

So, why didn't Ball ask? And why didn't Lovelady say? They were talking around it, both of them. Ball didn't ask because he couldn't trust Lovelady's answer. And Lovelady didn't say it because he knew that that was NOT what Joseph Ball wanted to hear, and Joseph Ball was the 800 pound gorilla.

So, instead, Lovelady did exactly what Ball asked. He drew an arrow to himself on the Altgens photo. It was a very, very small arrow, and it was drawn mostly in the black. And that's because Ball instructed him to draw it in the black. But, the tail of his arrow overlapped the flesh-colored forearm of Black Hole Man. and we have it to this day.

Note that the big arrow on the left is definitely Buell Frazier's arrow. His was drawn a month before Lovelady's. Why would they give Lovelady a photo which already had an arrow on it?  Because: they were giving him a hint. But, Lovelady didn't take the hint. He wanted Ball to know that he was NOT the Doorway Man; he was the other figure standing next to him. But, Billy had the courtesy not to say it out loud, knowing that Ball did not want to hear it and did not want it to become part of the official record. So, this was what you call non-verbal communication. 

And keep in mind that with other witnesses, Joseph Ball was direct. He pointed to Doorway Man and asked, "Who's he?" He did that with Buell Frazier and with Danny Arce. Why? Because: he knew what they were going to say. They were pre-screened. They were all pre-screened. But, Ball must have been warned, "Be careful with Billy Lovelady because he is not being cooperative." 

And yet, they had to interview Lovelady. How would it have looked if they hadn't? Oswald was dead. Lovelady was the only one of the two who was still alive. 

Lovelady tried to subtly tell Ball, "Look, I'm not the Doorway Man. I'm the guy next to him. But, I don't want to make trouble for you guys. I'll keep my mouth shut. I promise. I just want to be left alone." Well, we don't always get what we want in life, and neither did poor Billy Lovelady.

So, it means nothing, less than nothing, that no Warren Commission witness vouched for Oswald in the doorway. There wasn't a snowball's chance in Hell that that was going to be allowed. And if anyone tried to say it besides Carolyn Arnold, then they surely got the same rough treatment that she got.

The issue of Oswald in the doorway was exerted with Gestapo-like control. And I can understand why. If a person claimed to see Oswald within a range of three feet, how could they be wrong about it? How could they be mistaken? They could never allow that into the Warren Report. It would have eviscerated the whole thing.

So, don't be suckered by those who brandish the Warren Commission investigation as if it was something other than a Stalinist show trial. It was the Stalinist show trial of Lee Harvey Oswald. 



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