Thursday, July 13, 2017

Oswald told his interrogators- and the whole world at the Midnight Press Conference- that he didn't know anything about the assassination. He wasn't lying. He knew nothing about it. He didn't even know that the motorcade would be passing the building that day. That morning, he asked James Jarman why people were gathering on the sidewalk. And he told the whole world that all he knew was that he was being accused of murdering a police officer. Then he said, "I know nothing more than that." That's what he said, and he wasn't lying.

Look, they never would have even allowed the Midnight Press Conference to take place at all if they thought Oswald knew anything. They never would have put him up in front of world microphones. There was no time delay. Anything he said would have gone out to the world. It would have been like the genie escaping from the bottle; there would have been no getting it back. 

Ultimately, it was the authorities who killed Kennedy, and the Dallas Police were just pawns. The people who were really in charge would never have allowed Oswald to have a microphone if he was actually enmeshed in the plot. It's nonsense. Oswald was just a patsy. Not a participant and a patsy; just a patsy. All the wild claims about Oswald being involved with Malcolm Wallace and David Sanchez Morales and going to safe houses, etc. are nonsense. The very fact that Oswald was allowed to speak to the world tells you that he didn't know a damn thing, and he didn't do anything. He was just an innocent patsy, and this picture proves it. It's very existence tells you that he didn't know anything. If he did know anything, this event would not have happened. 

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