Wednesday, July 5, 2017

This video tape of Jack Ruby speaking, and practically crying, is very sad. The whole mythology that he was a hothead is unraveled here. 

He said that despite all the reports about him being "angry" that the word "anger" is not in his vocabulary. And even about Kennedy, his reaction to it wasn't anger; it was remorse- remorse that such a great man had to die. 

The Dallas Police really went overboard with their lies, putting words in Ruby's mouth, such as, "I hope the son of a bitch dies." You can readily see that he was not inclined to talk that way.

And, it was widely reported, including by Ruby himself, that during his episode in the garage with Dallas Police, that he spoke to them, saying, "What are you doing? You know me. I'm Jack Ruby." Well, we can see with our own eyes that that the Garage Shooter at the televised spectacle never said a word. We don't hear any words from him, and we also don't see the visible manifestation of him speaking. There is no visual or auditory evidence that that happened during the televised spectacle.  

And remember that we are inundated with lies from the Dallas Police. Leavelle's lie of having seen Ruby and reacted to him, trying to protect Oswald, prior to the shot. A filthy deplorable lie. Combest's lie that Oswald communicated to him by nodding his head in the jail office. Everyone else to the last man said that Oswald was completely unconscious, and Dr. Fred Bieberdorf said that he really thought that Oswald was dead. Yet, Combest had Oswald answering yes or no questions. Graves lied in saying that Oswald wore his own handcuffs- that he had 3 of them on altogether. 

I have already taken steps to contact the family of Jack Ruby to inform them that he was innocent. And I am going to do more.   

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