Friday, July 14, 2017

Among me and those are fighting with me, the one who has gone to Dealey Plaza and conducted photographic experiments is ME. Just me. These enemies of mine are just lip-flappers. They don't do anything. 

But, I went there, and the first thing I did was duplicate the camera field of the Moorman photo. And I did a damn good job of duplicating the camera field. This really does line up well. I caught the field. I got the angle right.   
And keep in mind that if you just face Elm Street squarely with no diagonal (the way Mary said she took her picture) you capture an entirely different field. You just capture the pavilion. You don't capture the steps or the wall beyond them. So, without the diagonal, you can't possibly reproduce the camera field of the Moorman photo. And others before me figured that out. Look how this guy is standing:

Alright, so once you've reproduced the field, you hold it. We had out camera on a tripod, just like this guy. And once we were satisfied that we correctly captured the field, we left it that way.

Then, we started inching the Martin surrogate into the field. And I do mean an inch at a time. We were no longer touching the camera. I was looking through the viewfinder, but without touching it or disturbing it. And I would yell at the surrogate, "a little more, a little more." 

 Our goal was to see if we could capture that right hand and forearm as we see them in the Moorman photo, running along the right bottom margin of the photo. But, as you can see, that didn't happen. The left hand entered the camera field before the right one did. And notice that the right hand is NOT along the bottom margin as in Moorman.

So, this proves that what we see in the Moorman photo is bogus.

And notice that it doesn't even look photographic. The hand doesn't look anatomical, and neither does the forearm. Did BJ Martin have a forearm shaped like a stick? That's what we're seeing there: a straight, formless projection. It's NOT a forearm. It's just lousy art. You hear me, Backes?

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