Thursday, July 13, 2017

 "A clearly visible front tire of a Dallas police motorcycle in close proximity to the left rear tire of the presidential limousine in the Mary Moorman photo and a clearly visible front tire of a Dallas police motorcycle in a Marie Muchmore film frame image does not mean that the motorcycle tire belongs to the same motorcycle in the two images." Joseph Backes

It does, Backes, and that's because they were taken at the same time and from nearly the same perspective.

Then, Backes went on a rant about the importance of identifying frame numbers from the Muchmore film- and then, he didn't identify any. 

Then, he went on a frenzy of showing the bogus narrow pointed windshields, even though I've proven that those images are bogus since they are the wrong shape. 

The moron tries to justify the bogus image of the right arm of Martin by saying that it got captured that way because "he was too close to Mary Martin."

Oh really, Backes? Don't you think that would need some demonstrating? Why don't you start with the Muchmore film? You've got all the individual numbered frames, right? Isn't that what you said? So, show us the frame in which Martin and Moorman were close, when she took her photo. Let's see it.

Robin Unger incorrectly identified this as the Muchmore frame that corresponds to Moorman:

How could that possibly correspond to Moorman when both Martin and Hargis are past the rear wheel of the limo? How could Mary capture either one of them with his wheel behind the limo wheel, that is, mostly behind it, when in the above frame, they are clearly in front of it? That is definitely AFTER the Moorman photo. But, even if Robin Unger was right, and he is NOT right, it would still never result in a capture like this:

Backes, I would bet you any amount of money that you can't go to Dealey Plaza and duplicate the above image. And you can put Martin as close to Mary Moorman as you want. I couldn't care less. You can arrange it any which way you want. But, I say that you will NEVER duplicate that image and capture what we see there: a bogus clam-hand and forearm. 

You haven't proven a damn thing, Backes. You haven't even advanced a damn thing. All you did tonight was brandish phony images and cross out a bunch of names and replace them with the names you want, as if that comprises a rational argument. You feel accomplished by crossing out Martin and writing in Hargis a zillion times? 

Your whole exercise accomplished nothing, Backes. But, here's an idea: Start by picking the numbered Muchmore frame that YOU think corresponds to Moorman, and show us how Martin's closeness to Mary Moorman resulted in the capture of just his right hand and right arm. It starts with picking the frame. Again, Robin Unger's pick is wrong because the motorcycles have advanced too far vis-a-vis the limo. 

You're a hopeless idiot, Backes. You never win. You always lose. You lost this time. It's the same old thing, over and over.

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