Friday, July 14, 2017

Backes continues to defend the cone-shaped windshields that were drawn into the Moorman photo by posting profile images of motorcycles- taken from the side, which reduces the exposure of the windshield. 

So, to Backes, that legitimizes this:

 And it is quite true that I say that this image is not photographic:

But, I also say that it is not anatomical because hands aren't clams and forearms aren't sticks. How skinny would that guy have to be to have a forearm like that, which is no wider high up than it is at the wrist?

Look at it!  His wrist has the same thickness as his elbow! 

Here is a real forearm doing what that is supposed to be doing.

Can you see that the wrist is narrow, but above it, there are muscles masses in the forearm which take up space and give it shape. That's the shape and contour and dimension that this stick figure should have but doesn't: 

It's just bad, bloodied, criminal, murderous art, and very lousy art at that. Couldn't somebody draw a more realistic-looking forearm than that? 

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