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Ralph, if you were a smarter man, you'd realize that Oswald could have
looked down directly below the sniper's nest window and seen the people
standing on the front steps of the book depository, including Bill
Shelley. There's also no indication who Fritz is referring to on the hand
written notes. Could have been any number of people. Certainly Bill
Shelley didn't see Oswald on the front steps, nor did Buell Frazier, Ochus
Campbell, Sarah Stanton, Joe Molina, Billy Lovelady, Otis Williams, and
Roy Lewis. All those people worked at the TSBD, knew Oswald, and none of
them said they saw Oswald out there with them.

Buell Frazier would love to say that he saw Oswald standing on the steps
with him when the shooting occurred. But he says no such thing. Why?
Because it would be a lie.

Here's what Oswald told Fritz during the interrogation as to where he was
at the moment of the shooting....

Mr. BALL. Did you ask him what happened that day; where he had been?
Mr. FRITZ. Yes, sir.
Mr. BALL. What did he say?
Mr. FRITZ. Well he told me that he was eating lunch with some of the
employees when this happened...
Mr. BALL. Did you ask him what he was doing in the lunchroom?
Mr. FRITZ. He said he was having his lunch. He had a cheese sandwich and a
Mr. BALL. Did he tell you he was up there to get a Coca-Cola?
Mr. FRITZ. He said he had a Coca-Cola.

I love the way you try and explain away Oswald's on-camera statement to
the reporter that he was "inside" the building when the shooting occurred
by claiming that he really meant inside the area at the top of the steps.
Talk about trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. The doors are the
defining point of being inside or outside of a building. If you step
through the doors your either entering or exiting. I have a covered porch
area in the front of my house. When someone stands out there, they are
most definitely not inside my house. You're not going to get around
Oswald's statement that he was inside the building by trying to redefine
what constitutes being inside or outside. If you have to reach to that
level, you've lost the argument (again). 

Ralph Cinque:

What?????  So, you are claiming, as a point of fact, that Oswald looked down from the 6th floor window and saw Bill Shelley in the doorway? Is that your story? Is that your argument? Is that the case that you are helping yourself to? 

Since you are not a smart man, I'll explain to you that even speculations have to be tied to concrete facts in some way. For instance, if someone reported seeing the shooter look down from the 6th floor window, that would be something on which to speculate. But, that doesn't exist. And it's much worse than that.  

The fact is that you could not be more wrong, regardless- even if you had that segue, which you don't. Here's an image of the Sniper's Nest, and there is no visualizing of the doorway from the 6th floor window.

Do you see now how ridiculous you are? I tell you, if you aren't Steve Haydon, you've got a mind like Steve Haydon, and I wouldn't put you past denying it. 

And now you are questioning who told Fritz that he was "out with Bill Shelley in front"? Who else could it be but Oswald? How absurd are you willing to get? And how desperate are you to resort to a retort like that? 

Of course, it was Oswald. The Fritz Notes are CLEARLY a record of what Oswald told his interrogators. No on else. Just Oswald. 

And congratulations, Sparta, because nobody has tried that argument before. You really pushed the envelope of asininity. 

And you cannot quote Fritz' testimony to the Warren Commission because IT IS AN OBVIOUS LIE. He said that Oswald told him he was eating lunch with other employees when "this" happened? But, Oswald didn't eat lunch with other employees even on a good day. Haven't you heard? Oswald was anti-social. He was a loner. He was a recluse. Fritz should have chosen his lie more carefully. What Oswald told him was that he ate in the 1st floor lunch room, alone, early in the lunch break, and James Jarman and Harold Norman were milling around at the time. He didn't say he was eating with them, just that they were visible. They were there and about. He never said he broke bread with them. 

And think about how ridiculous it is: If Oswald claimed to be eating during the motorcade, it means that even though he had 45 minutes to eat lunch before the President arrived, and he knew the President was coming, that he chose to put off eating lunch, only to miss seeing the motorcade. And not just he alone did that but also some other employees. So, why didn't Attorney Joseph Ball want to know who those other employees were? If they were Oswald's alibi, then of course he should have wanted to know who they were.

You, Sparta, have apparently not watched enough episodes of Law and Order. When police and investigators obtain an alibi from a suspect, they check it out. They follow-up on it. So, why didn't Joseph Ball? 

Doesn't it seem like he would have immediately asked for their names? But, he didn't. He never did. And think about it from the standpoint of Oswald's intelligence. If he killed Kennedy, then he had to know that using other employees as his alibi would fail because he would expect authorities to question those employees and find out from them that no such thing happened. So, if Oswald shot Kennedy, he was surely smart enough to use an alibi that involved no other persons, just himself, since other persons would surely contradict him. 

So, it makes no sense for Oswald to have said that even if you were right that he shot Kennedy, although, of course, you're wrong, dead wrong. But, unfortunately for you, you're not smart enough to realize that citing that bogus testimony of Fritz does your cause no good. Fritz lied, while Ball skipped over Oswald's supposed alibi when any good prosecutor would have sought to discredit it by going to the employees. And you think it's good for you to cite that, even though it leaves both Fritz and Ball covered in blood? Of course, I mean Oswald's blood.

And Oswald never used the word "inside." He never said, "I was inside." So you retract that statement that Oswald stated to the reporter that he was inside the building at the time of shots, and if you don't, I'm retracting it for you.

Now, as far as what Oswald told police, it is ludicrous to suggest that he told police that he was "inside the building." The building was as big as a city block and had 7 floors. It would have been evasive to the extreme to limit his answer to that. So, we can be very sure he did't say that to police either. What he said to police is that he was out with Bill Shelley in front, and we know where Shelley was: in the doorway. And as I showed the entire world on Alex Jones on Wednesday, we have an image of him standing in the doorway, and the match to him is spot-on perfect. It includes both the man and the clothing. And people who are not like you will have no trouble seeing it. It's only your kind that fights it. 

So, we have Oswald's statement, recorded in the Fritz Notes, that he was out with Bill Shelley in front, and we have the photographic evidence which more than surpasses the threshold of certainty that that is him in the doorway.

And the witnesses including Frazier were selected because they would grant that Doorman was Lovelady. They were pre-screened. They didn't invite Carolyn Arnold. And that's because she claimed to see Oswald at the doorway shortly before the shooting; just inside the glass door, which obviously happened right before he came out.  The Warren Commission investigation was a Stalinist show trial. They were never, ever going to allow anyone to report seeing Oswald in the doorway. That was forbidden. Do you get that or not?

What a bad showing for you, Sparta. Pathetic is the word. And it's just going to get worse for you from here. 

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