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Why do you insist on repeating falsehoods?

Shelley didn't leave right away for the R/R tracks. His own statements
debunk that claim. In fact, you have said that the earliest statements are
the most reliable. If that's the case, Shelley said he walked over to the
corner of Elm and then went back in the building and called his wife.

Oswald's statement is quite clear. He was in the building at that time (of
the shooting), not out front. He was asked that specifically, in the
hallway at the DPD. Now I know your pat response is that the reporter
framed the question. The reporter asked the question and Oswald answered.
There's no ambiguity about that. All of the written notes and reports by
those that interviewed Oswald state that Oswald claimed to be in the
building at the time of the shots.

You can suppose all you want, but the evidence says you are wrong. 

Ralph Cinque:

I only insist on repeating and dashing the falsehoods of others, such as yours. Shelley left right away for the RR tracks with Billy Lovelady. We even have an image of them walking away taken just seconds after the last shot.

That is definitely Shelley on the left.

You may want to live in a Bizarro World of JFK coincidences, but you can't do it on my watch. There is a big dog here, but it ain't you. 

Lovelady testified that he and Shelley did that, and the account he gave is long and detailed:

Even Buell Frazier said that Shelley and Lovelady left right away but he stayed put; he did not go with them.

Mr. BALL - You didn't see the President's car at the time you heard the sound? 
Mr. FRAZIER - No, sir; I didn't. 
Mr. BALL - But you stood right there, did you? 
Mr. FRAZIER - Right. Stood right where I was. 
Mr. BALL - And Mr. Shelley was still standing there? 
Mr. FRAZIER - Right. 
Mr. BALL - And also Billy Lovelady? 
Mr. FRAZIER - Yes, sir. 
Mr. BALL - The three of you didn't go any place? 
Mr. FRAZIER - I believe Billy and them walked down toward that direction but I didn't. I just stood where I was. I hadn't moved at all. 

There is no question that "and them" referred to Bill Shelley. 

Even Bill Shelley admitted that he did that.

Mr. BALL - You went to the concrete between the two Elm Streets? 
Mr. SHELLEY - Yes, where they split.
Mr. BALL - You went out there and then what did you do?
Mr. SHELLEY - Well, officers started running down to the railroad yards and Billy and I walked down that way.

The issue at stake is whether Shelley was still in front of the building when Oswald left at 12:34, and the answer is: not a chance. Shelley and Lovelady were part of the throng that moved into the railway area, and that happened immediately. Furthermore, they both reported seeing Victoria Adams come down the stairs from the 4th floor, so they were back in the building in time for that. Then, they said that Roy Truly ordered them to guard the freight elevators. And then they took the police up to the 6th floor. Again: there is NO CHANCE that Shelley was still in front at 12:34. 

Therefore, Oswald must have been talking about DURING the motorcade and not afterwards when he said that he was "out with Bill Shelley in front."

And another thing you got wrong is that my response to the exchange with the reporter is not just that the reporter framed the question, and if he had instead said, "were you outside with the other employees at the time?" Oswald's response would likely have been very different, but in addition to that, Oswald was on the top landing of that doorway, just outside the door. And at the time, the landing was smaller than it is today. But, the whole doorway is like a cave. You're not on the street when you're there; you are very much within the confines of the building when you are standing there, and I know that because I have stood there many times. So, it's not surprising at all that Oswald didn't qualify it when the reporter put it to him as being in the building. And why should he have? The guy was just a reporter. What matters is what Oswald told police, and what he told them was that he was "out with Bill Shelley in front." How can you even compare the two? Oswald wasn't testifying in the hallway. And how could he possibly know that Shelley was in the doorway unless he was there himself?

And regarding the notes, how dare you say that ALL the written notes state that he was in the building when the handwritten Fritz Notes state that he was out with Bill Shelley in front? 

And the fact that the two FBI agents, James Bookhout (who went on to be the Garage Shooter of Oswald) and Jim Hosty made a misleading statement that Oswald said he was in the building at the time of the shots is a smoking gun itself because no one would use a building as big as a city block as his alibi. Obviously, he would state where he was in the building. He would have to do that to have any credibility at all. So, that would have been a very evasive answer, but it wasn't Oswald's evasive answer: it was Bookhout's and Hosty's evasive answer. They just didn't want to admit that Oswald said that he was "out with Bill Shelley in front." They heard it. How could they not? But, they weren't going to repeat it. And the reason why is because it is EXTREMELY exonerating. Again: how could Oswald know that Shelley was there unless he was there himself?  

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