Friday, July 14, 2017

I want to emphasize that the only thing that has any relevance, experimentally, is to capture the right arm alone but also capture the Moorman camera field. Without that, it means nothing. An experiment that captures the right arm alone in a different camera field means absolutely nothing. You have to do it while also capturing the Moorman camera field. That's what what we are talking about; nothing else.

So, if my enemies, or anyone else, wants to prove something, they will have to go to Dealey Plaza and do it there because that is the only place at which the Moorman camera field can be reproduced.

Again: if you don't do it concomitant with capturing the Moorman camera field, it's a complete and total waste of time. 

But, nothing is stopping anyone from going there and doing it. If you go early on a Sunday morning, the traffic is light. And remember that it is one-way, and the traffic light at the top of the hill stops the traffic intermittently. So, it's a very feasible situation. We used a bicycle as a proxy for the motorcycle, but if someone wants to use a Harley, all the better.

But, you absolutely have to capture the Moorman camera field. Without that, it's just blather. 

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