Thursday, July 6, 2017

For a man who has never taken a physics class in his life or a read on the subject, one can only expect idiotic statements like this:

"Martin is too close to Moorman for us to see his front tire."

And he quotes the erroneous frame matches of Robin Unger, as if he is someone I respect. 

This is really very simple. I demonstrated earlier today that Martin and Hargis were never far apart as they rode on lower Elm Street. They were never configured the way this idiot claims they are configured in the Moorman photo. 

It was always about like that. They remain like that as they pass Mary Moorman and beyond. It was NEVER a situation resembling airplanes in wing formation.
Martin was never far behind Hargis. This never happened:

The implication of that is that Martin is so far back behind Hargis that his head and torso are out of the picture. It was never like that. Even in Zapruder film, they were very close.

 So, this is complete bull shit. It never happened.

The shape of those supposed windshields isn't even accurate. Look how skinny and pointed they are, particularly the second one. They weren't like that.

Look at that difference. The Idiot Backes didn't notice it, and it's because he's a dimwit, a very, very stupid man. He just believes what he wants to believe. He's really just a solipsist. A sloppy, slippery solipsist. 

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