Friday, July 7, 2017

Yeah, I know, Unger. They claim that the Moorman photo coincides with Z-315. But, when they SHOW an image of Mary Moorman taking her picture, the one they SHOW is Z-300. For instance, your good buddy John McAdams:

Here's the link:

And actually, that may be Z-299 or even Z-298. But, they certainly don't show anything later than Z-300. Look at Z-309.

Mary never moves after Z-300. She's frozen at Z-300. She's just pointing her camera straight ahead, as we see her there, as the Kennedys proceed down Elm. 

And you are wrong in each of your picks for the corresponding frames.

Here's an image from Mary's 2015 interview:

Again, that is about Z-300. That's the one they show to depict Mary taking her picture. They don't show Z-315; they show Z-300.

If you watch this interview, you will hear Mary say that that she took her photo at the moment of the first shot, and then it was followed by "pow, pow"; two more shots.

Mary has always been very consistent about that. It's what she told me personally.

OK, so she changed the terminology from pow-pow to bam, bam, but it's the same idea. One with the camera to her face, bam, then 2 more with the camera not to her face, bam, bam. So obviously, she did not take her picture after the last bam. Mary has been consistent about this for 53 years. But nobody listens to Mary, except me, apparently. Me, I listen and believe. 

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