Tuesday, July 4, 2017

He really is that stupid.

"The thumb print doesn't hide anything.  Nor does it transpose Martin onto Hargis."

Of course, I never said that Martin was transposed into Hargis. And it makes no sense. 

To some extent Oswald was transposed into Lovelady when they moved over the top of his head. 
 Billy Lovelady was a rapidly balding young man, and the idea that he had the exact same hair in 1963 that he had in 1957, down to the length, the lay, the shape, the hairline, etc. is preposterous. And that would be true even if he wasn't rapidly balding because hair is constantly changing. But, he was rapidly balding, and he had much less hair in 1963. This is how the Doorway Man looked before they messed with him.

So, that provides an example of transposition, but I'm not claiming anything like that for the Moorman photo. In the Moorman photo, they just covered Martin up with the thumbprint. 

The stuff in the lower right corner, including the clam-like hand and the long, stick-like forearm, are all fake. It's not even photographic. It's art, but very lousy art. If you want to see how the photo looked without the thumbprint, you only have to look at this:

And notice in that image that Hargis is slightly ahead of Martin but not by much. Martin wasn't well back behind Hargis, like they are claiming. And notice that we can't see Martin's right hand and arm at all. It's not even in view. This is complete, total, utter bull shit that violates the laws of physics.

Of course, the laws of physics can only be violated semantically. There is no violating them in reality. The hand is not anatomical. It is not human. And the forearm is way too long, nor does it have the form of a human forearm. It's just a stick-like figure that somebody true. It's art. Lousy, rotten, evil art, now being championed by lousy, rotten, evil men. That is all fake. The evil; the evil that surrounds us; the evil that is in our midst is the evil being trounced. 

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