Tuesday, July 4, 2017

In this interview, Mary Moorman states that the fixative was applied in the press room two minutes afterwards, and there was nothing amiss about it.


In this segment, she talks about the different agencies who kept borrowing her photo. 


"Don't know the period of time that passed, but the CIA, then the Secret Service took it, and when the FBI borrowed it the second time,  when they returned it to me, there was a big thumbprint on the picture."

"So, somebody at the FBI put the thumbprint on your photo?"

"Yes, and it would be nice to know whose thumbprint it was, so I could know who to be angry at."


It's close to the beginning. That is when the thumbprint happened, and that is how the thumbprint happened. So, don't listen to the evil shills. Your evil can't win, Cherokee, nor can your lies. You speak with forked tongue. What a disgrace you are to the noble Cherokee people.  

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