Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Here is Rick Thorne, a rather famous guy, and I have read some of his books, who makes it clear that Mary Moorman did NOT take the Moorman photo, that Babushka Lady did.


The shills can't stop it. They can't even slow it down. The truth will prevail. Mary Moorman did NOT take the Moorman photo. And Rick Thorne points out what I also observed that Mary Moorman in the Zapruder film is a manipulated, frozen image. And he points out that the Moorman photo was taken by someone who was turned to her left, and Mary never turns to her left. Mary never turns. Mary never turns. Mary never turns.

He also explains correctly that the reason why Bill Newman's left arm got cut off in the Moorman photo, and the reason why Jackson's motorcycle got turned into a riding lawnmower, is because Babushka Lady caught a bit of Brehm's left shoulder which blocked the view. Those images were never captured. 

What's the shills' explanation for the missing arm? 

 Does anybody care what the bloodied bastards think?

"This proves, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the Moorman photo was actually taken by the Babushka Lady."

Watch Rick Thorne. He also blasts the ridiculous Beverly Oliver claim. She was most certainly NOT the Babushka Lady.


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