Tuesday, July 4, 2017

It is plain as day that the Babushka Lady was holding a box camera that was probably a Sears Tower camera. It was not a movie camera. It took still pictures.

That is not a movie camera. It is a still picture camera. And one of her images was converted to a Polaroid to replace the picture that Mary Moorman took. 

And regarding the motorcycle cops, this image from Muchmore tells it all.

I wonder if the Idiot Backes is going to deny that that is Martin's front wheel we are seeing. Well, it's the exact same thing in the Moorman photo. How could anyone deny it?

They thumbprinted Martin out of the picture here is what happened. What's Backes explanation for the thumbprint that is not even the shape of a thumbprint? What is his explanation for Newman's missing left arm? He has no explanations. He is an idiot, born and raised. He is a very stupid idiot. 

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