Friday, July 7, 2017

How is it that not one of those detectives got the idea to take out his handcuffs and apply them to "Ruby" in the garage? How is it that not one of them did that as an automatic reaction? It seems like it would be a reflex for experienced lawmen. It seems like nobody would have to tell them to do it; they would just do it. It seems like they would do it automatically. 

And who got the idea to drag "Ruby" into the jail office? We can't assume that somebody said, "Let's take him into the jail office" because nobody claimed to say that; and we can't hear anyone say that; and there is no sign of any talking at all among the cops. We can't be like Backes and make stuff up. So, if they didn't talk about it, how did they know that they were doing it? And why go in the side door? They were a large mob, so why not go in through the double doors? 

So, they all spontaneously got the idea to drag him into the jail office and also to use the small side door? And why upon getting inside did it suddenly occur to several officers all at once to finally handcuff him? 

And how come just two days before, Dallas policemen promptly handcuffed Oswald in the theater before taking him anywhere? It was all the same department, right? They followed the same protocols, didn't they? They were taught the same procedures, weren't they?

And how come Oswald was never given a cabana outfit? And how come he wasn't forced to change out of his underwear and put on regulation underwear like Jack Ruby? (if you believe that crap)

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