Saturday, July 8, 2017

I am still affected by that Dan Rather situation, and I made a few more collages. 

Notice on the left, he has got hair going all the way down to his collar, and likewise on the right. 

I know that Dan Rather says that he was at the KRLD office to "subanchor" but why should we necessarily believe him? He's a guy who lied bold-faced to the American people about what the Zapruder film showed. Dan Rather was the Baghdad Bob of the JFK assassination, spewing the official lies from the beginning.
There are various gags about that online, and here's one:

Rather's whole career, his whole rise to the top, was based on his performance at the JFK assassination, his willingness to spew the official lies. Here he is selling the idea that Oswald made the bag from shipping paper and tape.

Why would they have shipping paper at the TSBD? They distributed school textbooks- for classes- to schools. You can't tell me that they were wrapping boxes of books in paper. Why would they do that? The boxes got to them unwrapped, so why couldn't they send them unwrapped? But, everything we can gather about the shipping operation is that it involved small orders. But, how could that be the case when their customers were schools ordering textbooks for classes? How could Oswald make a bag from paper without being seen? How could he take the bag to Irving with Buell Frazier without Frazier seeing it? You think he hid it? Stuffed it in his pants? But, why would he do that if he knew that Frazier was going to see the bag the next morning anyway? How could he take the bag into Ruth Paine's house without her and Marina seeing it? How come Jack Dougherty didn't see it when Oswald entered the building at 8:05 AM and was seen by Dougherty?  And how come nobody else at the TSBD saw it as Oswald made his way through the building, presumably to hide the bag on the 6th floor or elsewhere? And how could he hide it up there when there were already men up there working at the "floor-laying"? You know, the guys who were solving the problem of oil on the floor by covering it with thin cheap plywood. Did I mention that plywood is porous? 

I'm just going to have to try to contact Dan Rather and send him these images. 

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