Wednesday, July 12, 2017

It is absurd to talk about any of the thumbprint-less Moorman photos as being genuine. That's because the Moorman photo, that we know of, first appeared with the thumbprint. Prior to that, it was Mary's actual photo, the one she actually took, which we have never seen. And her photo could not possibly have looked like the Moorman photo of fame. 

And it raises an important point, which is that they spent a lot of time with Mary, gave her a lot of attention, and I'm sure treated her very well, very respectfully. But, all the while, they were sizing her up; getting a sense as to how loyal to government authority she was. Would she accept another image as her own if they told her it was hers? They made a judgment about that, and they decided, yes she would. And putting the thumbprint on it was a huge distraction. It took the edge off the differences; made them easier to swallow. 

Mary has said many, many times that she took her picture squarely facing Elm Street. But, the Moorman photo was NOT taken squarely facing Elm Street. It was taken at a diagonal angle to Elm Street. Mary would have had to turn to her left to take it. Mary never turned to her left, and we have cinematic proof of that. Therefore, Mary could not possibly have taken the Moorman photo.

So, when someone shows you a Moorman photo without the thumbprint, they are pulling your leg. It is just the regular Moorman photo with the thumbprint extracted.

If it was really the Moorman photo without the thumbprint, it would look like this:

Since it looks like the standard one without the thumbprint, you know it's been photoshopped. And I am using that word generically. 

Now, I realize that Jack White, a great researcher, never realized this. But, I don't fault him for that because very few people did. At the time he was living, nobody did. So, I don't fault him for not figuring it out. For goodness sake, I didn't figure it out myself. I came across Saintly Oswald's work on it. Prior to that, I had never considered that Mary Moorman didn't take the Moorman photo. 

Would I have figured it out eventually myself without help from Saintly Oswald? I don't know. I'd like to think I would have, eventually. But, I can't claim to know that. It's entirely possible that I never would have. In fact, I'd say that it's more likely than not that I would not have. 

So, I can hardly fault Jack White for not seeing something that I, myself, didn't see. 

The problem is that we are not just through Looking Glass, as Kevin Costner told us in JFK, the movie. We are through the Looking Glass within the Looking Glass. They did things in this diabolical plot that they knew were beyond people's imagination to even conceive of. The JFK assassination has to be the most dastardly, the most diabolical, and the most Machiavellian plot of all time. The manipulation of the images and the manipulation of the public mind knew no bounds. They played us like an instrument. But, thank God, we are removing the veil and figuring out exactly what they did. 

And there is no going back. Mary Moorman really didn't take the Moorman photo. Jack Ruby really didn't shoot Oswald. Oswald really was standing in the doorway. And so much more. 

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