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Backes, the hand is just as phony as the windshields, which were the wrong shape for those motorcycles.

More about this later.  

And, we can see a front wheel in the Moorman photo, but it isn't Hargis'.  It's Martin's. Look how much deeper Hargis is in the picture than that front wheel. He'd be driving into the curb if that was his front wheel. He wouldn't be going down the road. 

 And thanks to a fledgling new researcher, we know that the source of the Elm Street portion of the Muchmore film is unknown. Marie Muchmore denied taking it. She was also, apparently, in great fear to discuss anything about this. Apparently, somebody read her the riot act. 

Mary Moorman could NOT have possibly have taken the Moorman photo. Mary has always said that she took her picture simultaneous with the 1st shot.

Mary has been consistent about that for 53 years. She hasn't been consistent about everything. I found a video of her saying in 1963 that she stepped into the street to take her picture, and she denied that she did that in 2015. But, she has always said that she took her picture at the same time she heard the first shot, and then she heard two more shots. 

So, how could she have taken the Moorman photo as late it was taken? It's widely claimed to have been taken at Z-315 which was after the final shot. I happen to think the Moorman photo was taken a few frames before that but not many.  But, it was close to that, and it was well after the first shot, which is when Mary said she took her picture. 

But, the proof that the Moorman photo was taken at a diagonal angle from behind is this:

So, the very idea that Mary Moorman, who was waiting for hours to photograph the Presidential couple, would let them pass her by and then shoot the back of their heads is preposterous. But, in the case of Babushka Lady, we can see her doing it. We also saw her shooting them as they approached. So, she wasn't limited to this. But, she had Charles Brehm in her way, so went from shooting them approaching to shooting them departing. She could have gone alongside Charles Brehm, but it was a Kill Zone, and she wanted to stay back. 

   She is shooting them from a diagonal angle from behind. We don't have to wonder if she did; we can see that she did. Mary Moorman did NOT. But notice that Mary Moorman was about as close to the Kennedys in the image above as she was to Martin and Hargis. You can think of it as a triangle. 

So, Mary would not have captured Hargis so large compared to the Kennedys. But for Babushka, it was a very different; no triangle; rather, it's practically a straight line.

The closer an object is to the lens, the larger it looms in the picture. So, it makes sense for Babushka's image to feature Hargis much bigger than the Kennedys. But, it makes no sense for an image taken by Mary Moorman. 

And then the diagonal line of the limo tells you that the camera was facing the limo from a diagonal angle. If the photographer was facing Elm Street squarely, then the line of the limo would be parallel to the bottom of the picture. 

And note that in none of the films is there any image of Mary Moorman turned to her left. In the Zapruder film Mary doesn't turn at all from Z-300 on up. 

Mary never turned. You hear me, Backes? I said: Mary never turned. She didn't turn left. 

Then, the Idiot Backes admits that in the Nix film that we can see that Martin gained on Hargis, catching up to him. And really what happened is that Martin didn't brake as much as Hargis did. Hargis had a better view of the limo. He could better see what was going on. And so, he started braking before Martin did.  Backes even admitted that Martin gets ahead of Hargis.

But, I maintain that what we are seeing in the Moorman photo is the perspective of Babushka Lady. At the time the photo was taken, Hargis and Martin were pretty close together, neck and neck. Martin had ALREADY started gaining on Hargis, catching up to him. Hargis was still a little ahead of him, but from Babushka's perspective, Martin was leftward (forward) of Hargis in the picture. And that is certainly true in the Muchmore film.

Now, there is absolutely no doubt that that is B.J. Martin's front tire. That isn't even in dispute. Mary Moorman was NOT taking her picture at that time. She was already done taking her picture. But, even if you were to claim that is when she took it, look how close Martin's and Hargis' tires are. Why would Mary capture Martin way back behind Hargis to where all we see is his handlebars and right forearm? But, the thing that is absolutely indisputable is that that is Martin's front tire. And there is no reason to think that we are not seeing the same thing in the Moorman photo. It is insane to think we are seeing something different. It's the same arrangement.

So, what are you saying, Backes? That even though it's the exact same interface of bike wheel and limo wheel, the exact same configuration, the exact same arrangement, that in one it's Hargis' and in the other it's Martin's? And here's something else that we can do.

Look at the location of Hargis' helmet. Now, surmise the location of Martin's right arm. Why, from Mary's perspective would Hargis head and helmet be way in front of Martin's right arm? 

Now, let's talk windshields in the Moorman photo. And remember what I said: there is no using the fixed ones; they have all been photoshopped. We use ONLY the one with the thumbprint.

Notice that the guy in back, who I think was Chaney, has no visible windshield at all. Let's take the forward windshield, since it's not affected by the thumbprint.

Alright, so now, we'll compare that to the real ones.

It still doesn't work, Backes. That's untouched. That's the way it is in the photo. And it's obviously nothing like the shape of the actual windshields. It's fake, Backes. And you are too stupid and too evil, in your Kennedy-killing, Oswald-killing ways, to recognize it.

So, your excuse just got obliterated, Backes. And you lose again. You always lose. You never, ever win. I always defeat you, as I have defeated you now. And, it resulted in some very good explanations and new images going up on my blog, which will be for others to read who have sound minds. 

All you do is indirectly propel this blog onward and upward.   

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