Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Let's compare the distance from Hargis to his windshield, as per the Idiot Backes, and then the distance from BJ Martin to his windshield. Note that the distance should be about the same. I previously pointed out that Hargis isn't even lined up with his supposed windshield. Still, I drew a straight line from it to his arm. Likewise, with Martin, I drew a straight line from his windshield to his arm except that we never get to his arm; it's just his forearm. His line is already a lot longer than Hargis', but we'd have to keep extending it rightward in order to get to him. The motorcycles were identical, and the men were about the same size. So, why the stretch with Martin? Because it's fake; that's why. It's just bull shit. Martin was cinched up against and slightly in front of Hargis, photographically speaking. 

 That's what it must have looked like prior to the thumbprint. The angular view was exactly the same as this:

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