Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Idiot Backes claims that this was Mary Moorman's camera view. I am not vouching for it, but I will point out what it implies, that Mary shot her picture after the Kennedys passed her at about this angle:

But, at no time did Mary turn that direction. If you watch her in the Zapruder film, she NEVER turns to her left. 

Those are all the same position. Even though the Kennedys pass her, she never turns leftward towards them. This is the frame that is most often used to show Mary taking her picture.

To my eyes, if she clicked then, she was certainly not turned to her left, and she never turns to her left in the Zapruder film. So, how could she have taken this?

She couldn't. She wouldn't. She didn't. The person who was turned like that, leftward, was the Babushka Lady.

Babushka took the photo. And you can see Mary. If she had taken it then, wouldn't the Kennedys have been centered in her photo?

But, they are NOT centered.

Another thing to note is: look how large Hargis is compared to the Kennedys. What does that tell you? It should tell you that the photographer was closer to Hargis, and the distance to the Kennedys from Hargis was additive to the distance from the photographer to Hargis. But, that was only true for Babushka Lady, not Mary Moorman.

So, you can see that for Babushka Lady, the distance from herself to the motorcycle cops was additive to the distance from them to the Kennedys, hence they would look a lot larger in the picture. For Mary Moorman it was the opposite; she was closer to the Kennedys. So, they would loom larger in her picture. And keep in mind that I put up the link to the video from the time in which Mary said that she stepped out into the street. That would have put her even closer to the Kennedys. And by the way, whose front wheel are we seeing? It's Martin's. Right? Does anyone have trouble seeing that besides the Idiot Backes? Well, it's the exact same setup as the Moorman photo.

So, there's this one, in which you can clearly see that it's Martin's wheel looming:

And this one, which is the same angular view:

This one:

And this one:

This one:

And this one:

It's the same thing. It is obviously the same thing. So, it has to be Martin's front wheel that we see in the Moorman photo. 

Notice that in both, we have the bike wheel encroaching on the limo wheel, that is obviously the same angular view and the same instant in time. It's the same setup. So, it has to be the same bike wheel encroaching on the limo wheel, right? Is anyone going to argue that in one it's Martin's and in the other it's Hargis' when it's obviously the same perspective? So, it is definitely Martin's wheel that we see in the Moorman photo.

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