Tuesday, July 11, 2017

My contention is that the killing of Oswald was a joint DPD/FBI operation ordered by LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover with Jack Ruby as the patsy. I'm sure they told them that it was necessary to achieve national closure, so that the country could get back to normal life including work life, and so that the Kennedy family would find peace. "The country needs to move on." That was the message, and killing Oswald was the medium. 

Now, if I'm right, it would make no sense to actually shoot Oswald in the garage. First, it would have been dangerous. With Oswald being so skinny, the bullet could have gone through him and hit someone else. And if they were really going to shoot Oswald right there, what if he resisted? Took evasive action? There was a chance that the shooter could have missed him and hit someone else. If you were Jim Levealle, would you have agreed to escort Oswald, knowing that he was going to be shot, and the only thing between you and the bullet was his skinny frame? 

But, the other thing is that they knew they were going to get only one chance at this, that they could not expect to set up another opportunity if this one failed. Who would have believed that? That would have been beyond everyone's credibility. So, they had to make sure that the shot was lethal, and yet people often do survive abdominal gunshot wounds. There was no control in the garage. There was no precision.  But, if they shot him afterwards, then they could make sure that the placement of the shot was perfect. 

Remember, there is no photographic evidence of any trauma to Oswald or his clothing. Look at the Jackson photo:

All that arms akimbo that we're seeing there, including the hand in the pants, was done to rationalize the fact that we see no trauma whatsoever to Oswald or his clothing. The hand slapped to the chest was not his. Oswald had no such giant hand. And it isn't even one hand anyway. That is two hands. Two hands clasped together. And that means that Oswald has three arms showing in that picture. It is a bogus image. So, a bogus image won the Pulitzer Prize.  

So, the Jackson photo is a bogus image, and it's purpose was to showcase Oswald AFTER he was shot, while rationalizing the complete absence of any visible trauma. Plus, Oswald did way too much physical exertion after supposedly having his major blood vessels blown out. He goes back and up on his toes. How could he possibly do that with his circulatory system blown apart? And he had no momentum to go in that direction. He was moving in the other direction when he was shot.   

So, I am convinced that Oswald was NOT shot during the televised spectacle. That was just for show.  Oswald was shot afterwards, either in the police building or on the way to the hospital. 

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