Tuesday, July 11, 2017

From a supportive correspondent: 

Are you familiar with the JFK INVESTIGATORS IDENTIFICATION PROJECT?  On their website they have an entry for Bookhout with a question mark.  The photo was a crop and dated the 23rd of November. I don't know where the whole photo is.

Ralph Cinque:

Yes, I know about that. There are two of them  One is run by Dennis Morrissette, and the other by Linda Zambanini, and they are affiliated. And I have seen that image. It is not Bookhout. They have been dead wrong in all their attempts to cite an image of him. Officially, there are no images of Bookhout- zero- from the JFK assassination even though he was a constant presence around Oswald. And Oswald got to know him. Bookhout is the only person that Oswald ever went up to in the hall to speak to. You can see Oswald do that here. The short little guy, that's Bookhout- just like the Garage Shooter. 


Llsten to it carefully. You can hear Oswald ask Bookhout, "What have you got against Broby?" 

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