Monday, July 3, 2017

No, Backes. Once again, you are too stupid to even state my positions correctly. I am NOT saying that Hargis in the Moorman photo is really Martin. I am saying that Martin was featured in front of Hargis in the Moorman photo, just as he is in this Muchmore frame.

I am saying that the arrangement that we see there is what existed in the Moorman photo before they added the phony thumbprint. 

Backes: they didn't fake Oswald's bus and cab rides. He really took those rides. But, they faked the thumbprint in the Moorman photo.

And Fritz did not position himself to let Ruby shoot Oswald. He positioned himself to let Bookhout shoot Oswald. The plot involved the Dallas Police and the FBI, and Jack Ruby was just the patsy, the fall guy. He was innocent, Backes, and I am going to contact his family to let them know that he was innocent. 

And, we know that the angular perspective of Muchmore was very similar to that of the taker of the Moorman photo, Babushka Lady. And I have Amy to thank for informing me that Marie Muchmore denied taking the Elm Street portion of the film. But, whoever took it had the same perspective as Babushka Lady because: look how similarly they captured the Kennedys.

 It matters not a whit what anybody says: this collage tells you that those images were taken from the same angular perspective. And, if they captured the Kennedys from the same angular perspective, then so did they capture Hargis and Martin from the same angular perspective. 

The only value that you and your idiot friend have is that I WRITE MORE, and this very searchable, well-placed blog reaches more people with the truth. So, keep it up, Backes. This blog is one of the most visible and most widely read blogs on the JFK assassination. 

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