Monday, July 3, 2017

No. You didn't establish that, you dis-info bastard. You dis-infoed then, and you're dis-infoing now. It's your job to do it. You're paid to it. You transitioned from Army intelligence gathering to this. And I know how the whole thing is being orchestrated. 

Arthur Bremer WAS handcuffed. Don't believe the tripe of this shill. And the very fact that of all the police incidents in the history of police work, the only one this God-damn shill can attempt to cite is another political assassination? What does that tell you? It tells you that police don't do such things. They don't take violent offenders anywhere before rendering them harmless via handcuffing.  

Which officer would want to sit next to or behind a violent offender in a police car who wasn't handcuffed? 

The Charge in the Garage was totally and completely bogus, and it is absolutely appalling that they tried to sell such a ridiculous thing: a group of policemen spontaneously dragging a violent offender somewhere without so much as a word of direction. How did they know that that is what they were doing? What was their cue? Was it ESP?  Did they read each others minds? The evil. The evil of it all; the evil that lurks in the nasty underworld of JFKing. 

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