Sunday, July 2, 2017

Paul Popa is heading back to work tomorrow, but we got up one more song today: another classic bossa nova by the great Antonio Carlo Jobim, DESAFINADO which means "slightly out of tune." It's a reference to a love affair not the music.

I've got to tell you; this was hard for me to sing. I wanted to transpose it down 3 steps, which I can easily do on the piano just by hitting some buttons. But, there are some complex chords in this, such as F sharp minor 7, C sharp minor 7, and it's hard to know what Paul needs to play after transposing. He can't hit a button on his guitar to transpose the way I can on this piano. So, we gave up on transposing, and I sang it in the original key, which is too high for me. So, please cut me some slack on the singing. Hopefully, we still captured the feeling of the song. Paul played masterfully.

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