Thursday, July 13, 2017

People think they see Jack Ruby shooting Oswald, but the process they use doesn't involve looking or seeing. They really just take in the photo as a whole and just dwell on the enormity of it, the historicity of it, and the spectacle of it. They don't try to see if it's really Jack Ruby. 

 But, asking is really all it takes because if you start by asking, you can quickly get to the answer. For instance, look how short the shooter is. He's several inches shorter than Oswald, isn't he? But, Oswald was 5'9" and Jack Ruby was 5'8 1/2".  That would be barely perceptible in a photograph, and it might not be perceptible at all. So, no way is that guy Jack Ruby because he is too short to be Jack Ruby. There's more we can look it, but aren't we essentially done? Doesn't that settle it?

So, why did people so readily accept that he's Jack Ruby? And why do they continue to accept that he is Jack Ruby? I'll tell you why. It's a case of a whole nation drinking the State's Kool-Aid. If Ruby had denied doing it, instead of accepting that he did it just because he was told that he did, then I think people would have looked more closely at the photo, and other images, and with a critical eye. But, Jack Ruby was deranged. He was strung out on amphetamines. He was extremely sleep-deprived. And he was subject to short-term memory lapses. So, when they told him that he did it, he believed them. 

Let me point out the obvious: that you wouldn't believe it. You'd have fought it. I'd have fought it. But, this was Jack Ruby, a guy who LOVED the Dallas police officers and detectives. And I don't mean sexually. I mean that he just worshiped these guys. They were his heroes. So, when they told him that he did it, he believed them because he never thought they would lie to him. But, it was a very special situation which most definitely involved "mind control." 

So, they used mind control on Jack Ruby to get him to accept and believe that he shot Oswald even though he had no memory of it. And then, the state used mind control on all of us to get us to believe it. 

And remember that we heard very little from Jack Ruby directly. It's not like he had an opportunity to say very much to the public. But, they got people to speak for him and to paint the picture of him as being obsessed about what happened to Kennedy, filled with rage, and out of control; for instance, Tony Zoppi, the entertainment editor of the Dallas Morning News being interviewed by Bill Lords and saying all the right things, pushing all the right buttons.  Here's the interview:

What people need to do is just clear their minds and start over. Start over not knowing who the garage shooter is and studying him for tell-tale signs which might lead us to someone. Of course, that includes comparing him to Jack Ruby in terms of what we can see: his height, his hair, and the back of his neck, in particular. Throw out the preconceived notion that the shooter is Jack Ruby. That is just brain-washing- the brain-washing of YOU. You owe it to yourself to throw it out. 

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