Sunday, July 2, 2017

The behavior in the garage- what we saw happen- proves that it was a ruse because: police NEVER behave like that. That's right: never. They didn't then, and they never have any other time. I'm talking about taking a violent offender somewhere, anywhere, without first subduing him and getting him in restraints on the spot. Not somewhere else, but right there. It has never happened, ever, ever, ever, not in the history of police work. 

This was a man who supposedly fatally shot a man, and then tried to shoot another man. What do you do with a man like that? You subjugate him. You neutralize it. You don't even begin to think of taking him anywhere until he has been subdued and rendered impotent at hurting anybody. Then, and only then, do you think about moving him somewhere.

And in this case, how did the cops know that they were doing it, taking "Ruby" inside without cuffing him? Did they all just get the idea simultaneously? You would think that they had it planned in advance. They most certainly did. 

So, why didn't they contain him and pacify the shooter and render him ineffective in the garage? It's because he was James Bookhout, and the people and the cameras would have gotten a good look at him as James Bookhout. 

And how is it possible that multiple cameras from multiple directions, and all directions really, could not catch a single glimpse of Oswald being carried by two other men into the jail office? There is a complete blankout on that. How is it possible? 

The behavior that we see among the cops, and the ridiculous "all chaos and pandemonium" films which failed to capture Oswald, failed to capture "Ruby" and just showed noise- are more evidence of the utter, total fraud of it all.

Only JFK-land do such things happen. You hear me? Only in JFK-land. 

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