Sunday, July 2, 2017

There were definitely two motorcycle cops in the Moorman photo, which is to say that there were three if you include Jackson on the other side. Martin, Hargis and Jackson. And think about it: you know they put that thumbprint in there for a reason. And if you think it actually happened by accident, why don't you just go and shine some jackboots for the Gestapo? You might as well, you fucking idiot. No, they put it there on purpose, and it was to cover something up. So, what could they have wanted to cover up? The other motorcycle ride: BJ Martin.

There are two motorcycles there. We are seeing the front of Martin's bike and the rear of Hargis' bike.

By the way, that thumbprint? It's not even the shape of a thumb. It looks more like a shoeprint. Thumbs are quite symmetrical. They don't look like that.

Look, it's just bull shit. It's just stuff that punks defend because they're paid to defend it. What a way to make a living. 

The axis of the motorcycles was the same as the axis of the limo.
They were all going the same direction, down Elm Street, which was diagonal to the photographer, who was the Babushka Lady. Don't listen to the punkery of punks. 

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