Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Idiot Backes once again put up the images of the ridiculously narrow windshields, but he doesn't put up this image which shows how ridiculous they are.

That's the image that matters, Backes. That's the image you need to answer to.

And now Backes is claiming to know that Marie Muchmore didn't remember taking the Elm Street portion of her film. It's ironic that the JFK assassination is the most frequently cited event at which EVERYBODY remembers where they were and what they were doing at the time. Just today, a man told me that he was in the 10th grade and the principal went on the loudspeaker and announced it to the school that the President had been shot. I told him that my story is very similar, except I was in the 7th grade. But, Backes claims to know that Marie Muchmore couldn't remember that she was shooting a film of JFK being shot. I wonder what Marie Muchmore would say to Joseph Backes. I'm sure it would be much harsher than what Mary Moorman said of me. And I understand that Mary doesn't want to hear that she didn't take the Moorman photo.  But, the fact is: she didn't take it.

Then, Backes can't understand my 3rd point in this graphic. He says it isn't English, and that is ridiculous. Writing on a limited platform like this often calls for a blunt, shorthand style of writing
because of the limited space.

 Objects close to the lens appear larger than objects far from the lens. In this case, Hargis appears larger than the Kennedys because he was closer to the lens than they were. He was linearly closer because there was practically a straight line from the photographer to him, which continued on to the Kennedys. And that's why he appears so large. 

And, it is absolutely ludicrous to think that two images taken at the same time from the same side of the street and displaying the same arrangement of limo wheel and bike wheel were not displaying the same bike wheel. You might as well say that the limo occupants were not the same people either. 

It's the same wheel in both cases, Martin's wheel. It is the same perspective on both. It is the same time on both. That is BJ Martin's wheel in both images. And why shouldn't it be? He was on the outside. Both photographers were to his left. You can plainly see in Muchmore that the two of them (Hargis and Martin) were very close together. So, how could Martin's bike not be captured? We can plainly see that he was NOT far back. We can plainly see that Hargis' bike was only slightly ahead of his; just a smidgen. So, if anything, we would see just a smidgen of Hargis' wheel extending in front of Martin's, but we would see Martin's bike in the large. Why? Because he was on the outside, and both photographers were shooting from that side- from his side of the street. 

And I demonstrated the location and position of the Moorman photographer by duplicating the camera field of the photo.

That is a damn good match of fields, if I do say so myself. Of course, the ridiculous right forearm seen at the bottom right of the Moorman photo was not duplicated. I knew it wouldn't be. 

You're stupid, Backes. Stupid in word. Stupid in deed. And stupid indeed. 

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