Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Yesterday, Alex Jones announced that I would be appearing on his show next week to discuss the JFK assassination. 

Well actually, we recorded it today. Alex's number two man, Jerome Corsi, is the one who interviewed me. We did two shows. The first one-hour show concerned Oswald in the doorway. The second one-hour show concerned James Bookhout as the real garage shooter of Lee Harvey Oswald. 

Both shows went very well. I brought my images. We discussed them one by one. I am very pleased with the outcome. I may have seemed a little hyper, but that's alright because the truth is: I am hyper about this. 

I think all unbiased viewers will be very impressed, that is, persuaded, by both presentations. 

I did meet Alex Jones, and he was very nice. I was surprised at how tall he is. He never looked that tall to me. viewing him seated. But, I suspect he's a good 6 feet tall- unlike James Bookhout who was very short. How ridiculous people are to claim that he was a six-footer, a claim based on nothing but a lying FBI agent. A simple photograph of him standing would suffice to settle the matter, but no, that they can't provide. Nor can they provide any photo of him from the time of the JFK assassination- or any other time. James Bookhout is the invisible man.  

The shows are going to air next week, and they may air them in segments. They are also going to put them up on Youtube. As I get more information about it, I will announce it. 

I've known about this for some weeks. It was long in planning. I didn't announce it because I figured by enemies might be spurred to attack me to prevent it. But now, it's in the hopper; a done deal. 

I was there for most of the day. We recorded the first show (Oswald in the doorway) in the morning and the second show (Jack Ruby innocent) in the late afternoon. In-between, I just hung around, but I wasn't bored because I got to watch the whole operation, and it was fascinating. There is nothing I am going to tell you about it because I realize that, like me, Alex Jones has many enemies, and I am not going to provide them with any useful information. But, I will say that it is very exciting, very fast-paced, and very interesting. He had Roger Stone there as a guest, and I got to meet him for the first time. 

Key people in the OIC knew that this was going to happen, but that is all I told. Today was a great day for Oswald innocence and JFK truth.  I learned today that Alex Jones is now the largest, most widely viewed alternative news source in the world. 


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