Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The perspective and the time on these two images are both very close. How could they not be close in time when we can see the Kennedys looking the same, and we can see the location of the limo in relation to the steps looking the same. Furthermore, we know very well that the motorcycles continued gaining on the limo after that.

Look at the above image again this time with the time indicated in the Muchmore film, which is 43 seconds.

The motorcycles are moving so much faster than the limo that within the same second, the 43rd second, they are going to go beyond the limo wheel. 

That is obviously too late to correspond to the Moorman photo. The motorcycles have gained ground against the limo. Yet, only a fraction of a second has passed. We are still within the 43rd second.

So, that other one has to be it, the one that corresponds. 

It could not have been earlier.  Let's go back just one second to second 42. The motorcycles are too far back to correspond to the Moorman photo.

Look at that distance. The motorcycles need to gain more ground to correspond to the Moorman photo. It needs to get to here:

It's the same moment in time, Backes. The Kennedys are the same. The limo is the same in relation to the steps. And the position of the motorcycles is exactly the same. Nearly the same perspective and the very same moment in time. 

You're stupid, Backes. You were born stupid, and you spew stupidity in every spewing.  You're just a very stupid man, and you have no aptitude for doing this, for being involved in it. 

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