Saturday, July 15, 2017

These two guys are definitely Shelley and Lovelady.

Because otherwise, an extraordinary coincidence took place in which two guys who looked like them and dressed like them and matched them in age and height and builds just happened to be there at the exact spot where they said they were.

High pompadour hair, slender build, jacket. That's him. 

 And here is Lovelady, and he's wearing the short-sleeved shirt that he said he wore, which the FBI put in writing twice. "He stated he word and red and white vertical striped shirt and blue jeans."

Note that even the Prayermanites admit that that's Shelley and Lovelady, but what they do is blur up the image to hide the fact that Lovelady's shirt is short-sleeved, bastards that they are. 

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