Saturday, July 15, 2017

Will Fritz was a rather short guy.

I don't think he was any taller than 5'7". If someone wanted to say 5'8", I'd disagree, but I wouldn't make a fuss. It's still shorter than Jack Ruby who was 5' 8 1/2". 

But, the garage shooter was shorter than Will Fritz:

How could that guy, who was the shortest guy in the garage, and by a large margin, be 5 '8 1/2"? The average height of a man today is only 5'9". This is from Wikipedia:

It had to be less than that in 1963 because men have gotten taller since. So, in 1963, Jack Ruby, who was 5'8 1/2", was surely of average height. How can the Garage Shooter be construed as being of average height?

How can that short guy in the garage, who was uniquely short, be construed as being taller than Fritz and within a half inch of Oswald?

Obviously, that guy is not 5' 8 1/2".  If that were true, it would be a garage-ful of giants. He could not possibly be Jack Ruby. And I know the evil people that pervade the JFK world won't admit it, but the people listening to me on the Alex Jones Show, they will. They'll have no trouble seeing it and admitting it. I did a lot of damage on that show.  I may have done as much damage as Vlad Putin did a few weeks ago.  And that is the whole idea; not just damage but utter destruction. 

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