Thursday, July 6, 2017

This is the proof that that the so-called Moorman photo and the so-called Muchmore film were taken from the same angle. Mary Moorman did not take the Moorman photo, so her position in Dealey Plaza is irrelevant. And thanks to Amy, we know that Marie Muchmore denied taking the Elm Street portion of her film. The Punk ignores that, but punks will be punks. That angle was from the southeast, and it's pretty darn close. And this collage trumps any plat that someone provides. A plat can be wrong.  What we see here cannot be wrong. 

So, I refer to the Muchmore film, just as I refer to the Moorman photo: as the common, widely recognized names of the images. It is a matter of convenience, not endorsement.

So, in this frame in which the Kennedys are captured about the same as in Moorman, we see where BJ Martin is. We see that he is not way behind Hargis. And we see that it is his motorcycle and his front wheel that are featured. 

We can use the Muchmore film to demonstrate that the arrangement between Hargis and Martin suggested in the Moorman photo was NEVER the case. Here is the first appearance of the motorcycles in Muchmore:

So, that is definitely Martin's front wheel. Look how close it is to the curb. And he is obviously not way behind Hargis because if he was, Hargis would be in plain view in front of him.

So, here we see again that Martin is not way behind Hargis. and it is definitely his front wheel that we see, barely, through the legs of Brehm and Babushka. 

It continues to be Martin's wheel in the lead, as we approach the frame that corresponds to Moorman.

And it continues just that way, with Martin's wheel presenting. That's Martin's, not Hargis'. 

And it continues that way. Below, it is past the time of the Moorman photo. 

And here it is with Clint Hill boarding, and it's still Martin's wheel that we see.

So, when was it like this? NEVER!

How much farther back was Martin from his supposed windshield? Who knows? We can't see. It's completely ridiculous. It is complete fabrication. The reality was this:

It's Martin wheel we see. We saw it throughout the Muchmore rendering, so how could it be different here, as close as these Moorman and Muchmore were?

 Notice in the middle frame that BJ Martin's arm is going down to the handlebar. So, what is this bull shit?

It's just bull shit. Jackbooted, Gestapo bull shit. And now they're hiring Native Americans to sell the shit. 

My analysis is correct. It's BJ Martin's front wheel that we see infringing on the limo wheel in the Moorman photo. It can't be different from what we see in Muchmore.

TO suggest otherwise is defy the laws of physics. That is Martin up there, in the depth of the thumbprint, perched in front of Hargis.
This is the shill-free reality:

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