Wednesday, July 5, 2017

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For Moorman and Muchmore to have been taken from the same angle and the
same perspective, they would have had to be taken from the same spot.

They weren't.

And if you are relying on Rick Thorne for any of your positions, you're
relying on (I hate to say it) someone who screwed up more than you.

You've yet to show Martin's front tire in Moorman so I guess you're
incapable of doing so. We'll move onto another one...

If Martin was erased from Moorman by the thumb print, why do we see his
windshield and his right hand on the throttle grip in the lower right
corner of the photo?
Steve Barber 
12:18 PM (11 hours ago)
On Tuesday, July 4, 2017 at 6:51:50 PM UTC-4, Ralph Cinque wrote: 
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  Wait a minute, Cinque.  How do you know Muchmore actually took her film?
Aren't you the person going around calling every piece of film and and
every photograph tampered with and such? Prove to us that Marie Muchmore
actually took her film before you start using her film to back up your
ridiculous claim! 

Ralph Cinque: 

Thanks to Amy, we now know that Marie Muchmore denied taking the Elm Street portion of the film attributed to her. And therefore, the source of it is in doubt, and we don't know who took it, or even whom to consider took it besides her. But, we do know that the angular perspective was about the same. And I tell you, there is something about punkery that compromises a person's ability to think. An 8th grade Math student can tell you that angles are independent of distance. It's the same angle no matter how far back you go. So, they didn't have to be in the same spot; they just had to be at the same angle. 

That Muchmore and Moorman were taken at the same angle is proven by the fact that the capture of the Kennedys is very much the same. For all practical purposes, they are identical. They are in the same position to each other and to the camera in both Muchmore and Moorman. 

It proves that it's the same moment in time. And at that moment in time, we can clearly see in Muchmore that it is Martin's wheel that is encroaching on the limo wheel. Hmmm. I wonder if punkery will cause him to deny that too. We'll see, won't we. And for years now I have been saying that the so-called windshield, handlebar, clam-like hand, and forearm in the lower right corner of Moorman are all fake; it's art; lousy, evil, rotten art. So, why would he ask me why we see something that I have forever been saying is fake? Punkery. Punkery. Punkery. 

Get used to seeing this, Punk, because you are going to be seeing it a lot. Every time.

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