Sunday, July 16, 2017

This was my response to a researcher who wrote to me to express their support.

What happened with Ruby was EVEN worse than what happened with Oswald. With Oswald, they went to great lengths to frame him, but Oswald was of sound mind, and in the two days that he lived, he did himself a lot of good: vigorously and repeatedly and loudly proclaiming his innocence, denouncing the evidence against him, such as the Backyard photos, the rifle, the bag, etc., and lambasting Dallas Police repeatedly to the world for not providing him a lawyer. Then, on Saturday night, he tried to call an intelligence agent in North Carolina. So, he was fighting back! But poor Jack Ruby..he was helpless and hopeless. The Dallas Police took advantage of a guy who truly LOVED them. They exploited him over it. He was addicted to amphetamines; suffering from a severe sleep deficit; and subject to short-term memory lapses- and they knew all that. They knew that if they acted like he had shot Oswald and told him, categorically, that he did, that he would believe them. 

Leviathan State can do a lot to hurt us, and they do. And they can lie to us profusely, and they do. But, so long as you have your mind, your rational, independent, sound mind, THEY DON'T HAVE YOU. They don't own you.  And they can't dominate you, no matter what they do. But, Jack Ruby got dominated: physically, mentally, and in every other way. It was the ultimate Orwellian nightmare, where they created a whole realm of non-reality which he spent the last 3+ years of his life living in, never once setting his feet down on the solid ground of reality. But, they were also playing everyone in the country similarly. And what's scary is how effective it was. The first person to realize that Ruby didn't shoot Oswald was Maxsim Irkutsk of Russia in 2013. So, they actually fooled everyone and got away with it for 50 years! 

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