Saturday, July 15, 2017

So, why the huge contrast in windshields, where Hargis and Martin (presumably) have one, but Chaney on the far side doesn't? And to those who try to claim that Chaney has one, but it's just faint: YOU'RE REACHING. You're stretching. You're bending over and grabbing your ankles for killers. Chaney is farther away from the camera, and you can argue that it would be make his windshield look smaller, but not like this.

Of course, there are other problems with Chaney. He has no back to his motorcycle, and it makes it look like a riding lawnmower. Was he going to mow the Grassy Knoll? The armless Bill Newman doesn't help matters either. But, right now, let's just focus on those windshields. Let's compare to what is presumably a reliable image:

I made the top cop about the same size as Hargis so that it would be balanced that way. I think the distance from windshield to rider is greater below. Not a tremendously greater distance but enough to be significant. I put a ruler to it, and on my screen, the top line is 2 inches, and the second line is 2.5 inches. However, when you consider the distance from windshield to rider on the third one, where there is no rider in sight, forget about it.  It is patently absurd. It is a laughing stock. 

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