Sunday, July 9, 2017

What the hell is wrong with people that they see a headless guy in a photo, and they don't say anything? But, that's exactly what happened during the Warren Commission proceedings; they showed the Altgens photo to several witnesses to identify the Doorway Man, and nobody said a word about a guy being headless.

I no longer want to use the close-ups of the doorway, such as the Groden scan, because they have all been photoshopped, with added details that aren't real. But, I have a pre-digital hard copy of the Altgens photo from 1964, and I can tell you that this image above is accurate. This is how it looks. It's exactly how it looks. So, you've got the headless guy. You've got the white splotch over another guy's face, which some have ridiculously claimed is his elbow. If that's his elbow, then he's got three arms because he's standing there with his arms folded across his chest. You've got the woman with the giant hair. You've got the Doorway Man with his arm in front of a man who was 12 feet in front of him. On his other side, you've got this man merged with Doorway Man like they are Siamese twins growing out of each other in an arrangement that is physically and photographically impossible, that nobody could ever reproduce. You've got this boy with a giant head, floating in mid-air, levitating next to his mother who could not possibly be holding him unless she's Superwoman. So, you've got all these things going on, a veritable freak show of horrors, and people were looking at it, and nobody said a thing?

How could that be? It's because of the power of the fascist state. Joseph Ball was the 800 pound gorilla; the enforcer of the fascist state. And this was their photo. And, the people knew very well that the 800 pound gorilla did not want to hear any criticisms of the photo. You just answer his questions and try to get out of there as soon as you possibly can. You don't piss him off. You don't challenge the authenticity of the photo. It's the State's photo. They were vouching for it; so you don't challenge it.

And in case anyone doubts it, that headless guy in the Altgens photo is definitely fake. I proved it in Dealey Plaza. 

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