Sunday, July 9, 2017

I swear to the Immaculate Virgin Mother of God that I had nothing to do with this, but my last post on Facebook about the Moorman photo has generated well over a thousand views:

I didn't spend a cent to promote it. So, I'm thinking that somebody must have posted it elsewhere that drew a lot of traffic. Still, I'm very glad that the word is getting out that Mary Moorman did NOT take the Moorman photo. When they FBI borrowed her photo for the second time (and why they had to borrow it at all is inexplicable since they had copies) they returned it with the "accidental" thumbprint (if you believe that shit) and that's when they swapped out Mary's photo for one taken by Babushka Lady. 

Now, think about something: previously, I provided a link to Mary Moorman saying in 1963 that she stepped out into the street to take her picture. Well, if she did that, and you consider the shape of the camera field as it spreads out from the lens, then it's easy to see why she would not have captured BJ Martin. And that's why they had to take BJ Martin out of the replacement picture, which they did with the thumbprint. 

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